Facilitation Skills

Designed as a 2-3 days programme.

Programme is targeted either at managers or trainers who have responsibility to help groups learn and perform

In today’s knowledge-based organisations, organisations are finding it necessary to adopt a participative approach to engage employees and encourage commitment to organisational goals. Involvement cannot be directed. Managers and trainers have also to help organisational members adapt and learn new behaviours and skills to ensure the organisation’s continued viability and growth in a changing environment.

These challenges faced by managers and trainers will require skills in facilitation so that groups can function productively. This course will put into perspective the role of managers (and trainers) as facilitators, explain what facilitation is about, provide the experience and the practice of intervention skills and help participants explore their own strengths in facilitation work.

The programme has been conducted for managers and trainers in the government agencies as well as business organisations.