Human Resource Management

Our consultants are able to combine their industry experience and academic training to help clients establish systems and processes for the management of their human capital. We have designed and helped clients implement processes and systems for manpower planning, recruitment, compensation and benefits, employee involvement and performance management.

We also support the Singapore government’s initiative in encouraging employers to implement policies and practices that provide for effectiveness at work and in employees’ personal lives.

Work-Life strategy is an innovative approach that addresses the needs of organisations and the contemporary workforce. It is aimed at achieving a win-win outcome for both employers and employees.

Work-life strategy includes the following programmes/practices
* Flexible work arrangements
* Employee Benefits
* Employee support programmes

Work-Life consultancy services can cover the following areas :

  • Designing various tools to ascertain employee work-life needs
  • Evaluating the findings and carrying out Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Identifying and implementing suitable work-life options to address the needs of employees and the business needs of the organisation
  • Implementation of work-life options and strategies including developing and designing the actual policies and guidelines.