NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Science:
“There is nothing as practical as a good theory” Kurt Lewin (1890 – 1947)

The NTL story began in 1946 when a group of social scientists, lead by Kurt Lewin, conducted a workshop for leaders to seek solutions to racial issues in the USA. The workshop was significant in regard to the discovery of the power of feedback. In 1947, Lewin & collaborators established NTL (National Training Laboratory) and conducted summer workshops in Bethel, Maine (northeastern state in USA) which continues till today.

The NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Science is a not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia and has 400 members from various parts of the world. This is a community working together to advance the field of applied behavioural science by conducting training programmes in the theory and practice of group dynamics and organisational change, and by learning and building knowledge in these areas.

Much of the theory and practice that presently underlies the field of organization development was conceptualized and taught by NTL members. NTL currently offers more than 100 public workshops in the USA, mostly from its campus in Bethel, Maine.

Dr Yeo Keng Choo, Unicon’s Principal Consultant is a Singapore-based member of NTL and contributes to NTL’s work in the Asia Pacific region.

Feedback on NTL training:

“My learning experience was great and this course definitely widens my knowledge on effective leadership.” – Aisa Pacific participant on NTL workshop conducted in Singapore

“I thought I would tell you that NTL changes my life and it has been great! Since the NTL training, I have experienced many personal and professional successes. The skills I learnt at NTL nearly 35 years ago have been and continue to be useful.” Don Devey, NTL alumni from New York on the training he experienced in 1965.

For more information, visit NTL website through this link.